The Stella Maris Dance Club

The Stella Maris Dance Club practices weekly, learning various styles of dances that include jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop.  The Dance Club performs at the Christmas Assembly as well as the Fine Arts Festival.  Members also perform at their annual recital.  This year’s recital is “A Blast From the Past.”  It will be held on Friday, May 2, at 7:30.




Instructor and Moderator - Victoria Mary Tomassetti ‘99


Kayla Begy

Allegra Bello

Faye Campbell

Victoria D’Amelio

Theresa Doocey

Deidre Feddern

Faeth Guhrig – Captain

Evelyn Ho

Ashley Houck

Patricia Klein

Ashley Larcheveque

Christine Lindner

Cindy Lindner

Laura Lombardi

Diane MacSaveny

Molly McGuigan

Lisa Mendolia – Captain

Dominique Monaco - Captain

Jillian Moore

Christine Owen

Larissa Rawczak